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About Us

About Us

Utilitarian Financial Consulting Corp (UFCC) was founded in March 2013, as a privately held Personal Services Corporation in Atlanta, GA by Owner/CEO Dr. Jennoa R. Graham. Since 2013, she has gradually expanded the firm, applying over 15 years of industry experience to help individuals and organizations become more fiscally responsible and confident in daily financial operations.

UFCC is dedicated to developing long-term sustainable solutions using high standards of integrity, accountability, and process excellence. Our single discipline is putting client needs at the center of everything we do.

UFCC provides advisory and professional services to improve organizational efficiency, cash flow management, and process excellence. Dedicated to creating a cohesive and trusting relationship with clients, UFCC utilizes a unique heart of helping approach to develop long-term sustainable solutions.

How We Work

Step 1:  Identify the desired future state

Step 2:  Listen to the problem hindering the achievement of future state

Step 3:  Develop a customized plan to move the client forward to a future state

Our Mission

Our unique Consulting solutions will allow you to:
  • Achieve organizational and financial process excellence
  • Eliminate inefficient processes and manage costs
  • Maintain audit and regulatory compliance
  • Streamline accounting and financial reporting
Dr. Jennoa Graham
Leads the organization’s mission by example. Dr. Graham is a cross-functional high performing consultant with over 15 years industry experience.