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Process Improvement

Financial Reporting Process

Improved the efficiency of preparing the GAAP and statutory consolidated financial statements for domestic and international business for life, health and annuity insurance.  Automated the data collection process, restructured and consolidated Excel spreadsheets, included links and cross-check functions for validation and enabled quarterly reconciliation. Technologies used were Hyperion Enterprise, AS400 and Annual Statement 2000.   Result: […]

Revenue/Costs Audit and Recovery

Analyzed aging supplier contracts and returned material records to recover uncollected revenues and costs from suppliers.  Collaborated with Global Purchasing Analyst, analyzed contracts and identified outstanding costs. Identified $400K of returned material grief and contacted appropriate employees to clear.  Result: Domestic facility reported just under $2M of income due to these cost recovery and cost […]

Insurance Premium Management

Standardized the data collection process and the balancing methodologies to reconcile incoming premium payments to policy cash value and lockbox deposits to policy payments on a nightly basis. Created detailed desk manuals, re-engineered new Excel spreadsheets, added links and conditional formatting to ensure data validity. Result: Employee training time was reduced by 25% allowing cross-training […]

Accounting Restructuring/Migration

Managed the migration of Chicago location Policy Value processes to Carmel, IN due to the closing of the Chicago Accounting Operations department.  Reviewed and documented the processes, the reconciliation reports and the aging reports. Collaborated with the IT team to set up new accounts, validate data and perform regression testing.  Restructured reconciliations for each account […]

Data Collection Automation

Led the initiative to automate the data collection process for all lockbox reconciliations to increase departmental efficiency.  Created process maps, prepared Business Required Documents, designed Excel spreadsheet output, performed regression testing, and integrated with mainframe systems.  Results: Reduced the balancing of lockbox deposits to premium payment application from 3 days to 3 hours. Staff was […]

Asset Management and Tracking

Developed the business case, obtained project authorization, and led this project to cleanup and implemented an Asset tracking system in response to a Corporate Accounting compliance recommendation.  Supervised a cross functional team of 8 members over a 2 year period.  Analyzed and gathered the available data, resolved inconsistencies and discrepancies, reformatted data and synchronized with […]

Audit Management

Managed the audit programs for the hydraulics division of company including: Internal, Corporate, and SOX for Accounting, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing operations.  Developed and maintained standards for Interdepartmental Procedures, segregation of duties and general process documentation.  Improved audit process documentation, presented quarterly business and audit results to Executive Management and conducted training as needed.  Results: […]